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A screenshot from the FlickrLickr project, which allows volunteers to automatically harvest useful images from Flickr to the Commons.

This page is to introduce users of Flickr to Wikimedia Commons, and encourage them to use open content licenses to support our mission.

Wikimedia Commons (or "Commons") is a media repository under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation, who also run Wikipedia. Commons hosts and organises media content (such as images) primarily for the benefit of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. There is significant overlap between Commons and Flickr, but Commons is not a free web host and it is not a personal media host like Flickr is. Commons:Project scope explains what content is appropriate for Commons.

Commons only allows media released under free licenses. Of the licenses Flickr offers, Commons only accepts the following:

  • CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution)
  • CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike)
  • CC-0 (Creative Commons - No rights reserved)
  • Some PD (Public Domain) and "no known copyright restrictions" works

Specifically, licenses with non-commercial (NC) or non-derivative (ND) requirements are NOT considered 'free licenses'.

The page Flickr files explains in more detail.

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The Wikimedia Foundation runs this site, Wikimedia Commons, as well as the most well-known project Wikipedia.

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