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Although we do host media and images on Commons, all content must be within our project's scope, which requires, among other things, that all media must be realistically useful for an educational purpose. Unless your images are educationally useful and in the scope of this project, Commons is not a place to store your vacation photo collection.

想了解相关方针,参见COM:PS#Must be realistically useful for an educational purpose



想了解相关方针,参见COM:PSP#User pages, galleries and categories




想了解相关方针,参见COM:PS#Must be realistically useful for an educational purpose。 想得到更多关于用户页的资讯,参见COM:PSP#Non-allowable user page/gallery/category content


Due to their educational value for the understanding of certain subjects, Commons may host material that some users may find objectionable, distasteful, or offensive for various reasons. Unless the image has possible personality rights issues, is possibly illegal in the United States, or violates other Commons policy such as our scope, Commons will not censor or remove media that users find objectionable or offensive. However, the statement "Commons is not censored" is not a valid argument for keeping a file that falls outside the normal permitted Commons scope.



Low-quality pornographic images that do not contribute anything educationally useful to our existing collection of images are not needed on Commons. If the quality is bad, we may keep the file if we have no better file on a subject it can illustrate. As a result, uploaded low-quality photographs of genitalia are generally deleted quickly. Deletion of such photographs should nevertheless follow ordinary deletion procedures.

想了解有关方针,请阅读Commons:项目范围#审查Commons:项目范围#必须确切有教育意义。 The relevant specific official guideline is COM:Nudity.

Commons cares about copyright even when a copyright owner does not

Commons respects copyright and licensing restrictions regardless of whether copyright holders care about enforcing them. Uploading non-free media in good faith with excuses such as "the author won't find out", "the author would be glad that we redistributed his work", or similar statements is not how things work on Commons. We take copyright seriously; any image or media with questionable authorship may get nominated for deletion, and media uploaded without proper permission or licensing information may be speedily deleted.

想了解有关方针,请阅读Commons:Project scope/Precautionary principleCommons:Deletion policy