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Welcome to WikiDaheim! WikiDaheim is a project organised by the Austrian Wikimedia community that focusses on documenting the municipalities and villages of Austria. On Commons this includes pictures, audio and video files that are organised in the category Media from WikiDaheim 2018 in Austria.

Commons:WikiDaheim/Hint offers a template to inform users that are uploading pictures of Austria but might not be aware of the photo contest.



The project uses several pre-existing campaigns from WLM, WLE and WLPA as well as new ones to categorise and register the pictures properly:

The "Gemeingüter" (shared infrastructure) of a municipality are placed in the following categories when no specific category for the object exists:

Photo contestEdit

In 2018 the project and the adjacent photo contest are running from July 1st until October 7th.

Winners 2018Edit

Special categoriesEdit



Hydro powerplant Jochenstein by User:Isiwal

Public ArtEdit

War in heaven with statues of Archangel Michael and Luzifer, Michaelerkirche in Vienna by User:Thomas Ledl

Cellar streetsEdit

Cellar door along a cellar street in Sitzendorf an der Schmida by User:Manfred Kuzel