Wikiproxecto Aviación

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Wikiproxecto Aviación

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Benvido ao "Wikiproxecto Aviación", unha área de colaboración e grupo de editores dedicado a mellorar a cobertura sobre a aviación de Wikimedia Commons. Se queres unirte a nós, por favor engade o teu nome á lista de membros do proxecto! e non esquezas unirte á conversa!

  • Para proporcionar contido relacionado coa aviación con licenza libre para ser usado en todos os proxectos Wikimedia.
  • Mellorar a cobertura de Commons creando, expandindo e mantendo contido relacionado coa aviación.
  • Crear directrices e recomendacións para o contido relacionado coa aviación, e proporcionar unha área central de conversa.
O proxecto xeralmente considera que calquera contido relacionado coa aviación está dentro do seu alcance.
Internamente, o proxecto desenvolveu varias características estruturais para axudar a xestionar o noso extenso traballo:
O departamento de divulgación actúa como unha localización central para varios traballos de divulgación de membros, incluídos a obtención de contido de fotógrafos e outras entidades, recrutamento de fotógrafos e mensaxes de benvida, e outras iniciativas relacionadas.
o departamento de avaliación céntrase en determinar e seguir a calidade do contido de aviación en Commons baixo os varios esquemas de recoñecemento dispoñibles en Commons. Aquí poden atoparse listas creadas por bots das últimas cargas de medios dentro do alcance do proxecto.

Anuncios e tarefas abertas

The {{WikiProject Aviation}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every file within the scope of the project. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has a number of optional ones that add various extra features to the banner. The full syntax and usage instructions are listed on the template's documentation page.

Images showing unidentified objects

Sometimes, users upload images without a proper description or categorization – mostly because they don't know what their photographs show, don't know how to add categories or simply forgot to provide a decent description. Within the scope of the WikiProject Aviation, there are some special categories that are used to gather those files. Users are invited to tag files with those categories, if they find pictures that show such unidentified objects. Of course, users are even more invited to browse those categories from time to time and see if they can add proper categories and descriptions to some of the files.

Resources for free aviation media

The following are sources for media relation to aviation which are either in public domain or are freely licenced, and which can be uploaded to Commons. Please take special care to read any necessary templates or copyright notices, and ensure that the media you are uploading is not a copyright violation.

  • Category:Aviation photographs by photographer — the photographers in this category have released particular works under varying licences. Pay special attention to the links on individual photographer templates, which indicate what specifically has been given permission for.
  • Flickr search for pictures licensed as cc-by-2.0 or cc-by-sa-2.0 on Flickr. Please read Commons:Flickr files for further instructions and use one of the tools described there for uploading. Be aware of the license laundering problem.
  • — large repositary of photos made by US military (and which are in public domain in US). Check out this page for guidelines for using DoD imagery. Keep in mind that some editors doubt status of photos from this site if there are no evidence that they're really by US military and can nominate such images for deletion.
  • more to come …

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