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The name of your uploaded file should be as descriptive and relevant as possible. Simply queue one word after another, don't use a "-" or similar inbetween.

No general standard for file naming has been established. The German-speaking Wappenwerkstatt has a consent to use e.g.

According to the one established by the French-speaking Wikipedia Coats of arms Project, some necessary informations should appear, in this order:

  1. Coat of arms or Arms, or another word according to your language (Wappen, Stemma, etc.)
  2. Nature of the holder of arms : city / family / province / etc.
  3. Country of the holder, by its code : en / fr / de / etc. (give the present country)
  4. Name of the holder (for a city, it can be followed by the territorial subdivision it belongs to, in brackets). For example : Mex (Vaud)
Examples (in French)