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The name of your uploaded file should be as descriptive and relevant as possible. Simply queue one word after another, don't use a “-” or similar punctuation in between words.

No general standard for file naming has been established yet for Wikimedia Commons (although different WikiProjects have their own guideline). But on Commons an international standard like the ISO 3166-1 (three-letter code for countries) should be recommendable, used as File:CCC subject COA.svg (on the first 3 letters). Consistency is encouraged, but Commons renaming guidelines apply (see COM:MOVE): please do not rename files from one acceptable guideline to another without good reason.

The French-speaking WikiProject:Blasons established that the following information should appear in filenames, in this order:

  1. Coat of arms/arms or corresponding word in another language (Wappen, Stemma, Blason, Herb, etc.)
  2. Subject of the holder of arms : city / family / province / etc.
  3. Country of the holder, by its code : en / fr / de / etc. (give the present country)
  4. Name of the holder (for a city, it can be followed by the territorial subdivision it belongs to, in brackets). For example: Mex (Vaud)
Examples (French)

The German-speaking WikiProject:Wappenwerkstatt uses the ISO 3166-1 standard: