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{{PD-because}} is an occasionally used PD template. Many of its uses are better served with a specific tag (sometimes one needs to be created), and many of the remaining uses are invalid and the files need to be deleted.



Guidance affectedEdit


Templates affectedEdit

Templates createdEdit


  • Help:VisualFileChange.js - a very powerful tool, to be used with caution. Can do text replacements ("custom replace" option) to execute the review process on many similar files at once.

Identifying the most-used filesEdit

Commons:Tools#Glamorous can identify the most-used files in a category. Make sure "Show details" is checked to get the list of files, as well as "Show limited details" to give you the count instead of the names of the pages where they're used.

Target for completionEdit



Related issueEdit

Category:PD tag needs updating, many of which are from deprecated template {{PD}}