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Current Active Members List

This list includes formally registered members of the project. If you would like to advertise your participation, you can formally join the Commons WikiProject Romania by adding your name to this list!

  1. Codrinb (talk · contribs) - Project infrastructure, organization, categories, galleries; photos with archaeological objects, sites, museums, historical monuments; old maps
  2. Sandhu (talk · contribs) -
  3. Unuplusunu (talk · contribs) - photography, cartoons illustrations
  4. Rsocol (talk · contribs) - photos; categorization
  5. Einstein2 (talk · contribs) - photography, categories
  6. Turbojet (talk · contribs) - photos, categories
  7. Fenescu (talk · contribs) -
  8. Cristiano64 (talk · contribs) - only roman/dacian History
  9. Toniher (talk · contribs) - I'll add cuisine photos. I can help in categories of that topic.
  10. Nicubunu (talk · contribs) - photography, illustration
  11. A.Catalina (talk · contribs) - photos,categories
  12. FlorinCB (talk · contribs) - photos, photos with archaeological objects, categories
  13. Andrei Stroe (talk · contribs) - photos, categorization, i18n
  14. Firilacroco (talk · contribs) - photos
  15. Musichistory2009 (talk · contribs) - categorization, cities and counties of Romania
  16. Nicu farcas (talk · contribs) - photos
  17. Sie (talk · contribs) - maps, photos (especially from Mureș County and Transylvania)

Emeriti Members

This list includes members of the project who have not edited for at least one year; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. If your name has been moved here, please feel free to move it back to the Members list upon your return.