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Commons:WikiProject Tree of Life/Prospectus

The Prospectus subproject is an experiment in organizing the images and other materials in the commons collections for living organisms. The goal is to create three galleries on each page organized by quality and usefulness.

The first gallery (the Prospectus) should show the best images for describing the organism in question. For example, a prospectus for a shrub would include the best available images for form (including seasonal differences), foliage, flower, fruit, bud, bark, root, stem, etc.

Below the prospectus is a "wanted list" for details for which we don't have photos yet on commons.

The second gallery includes other high-quality images (images good enough for full screen or projectors), which could be used as replacements for the prospectus photos.

The third gallery would be all "lower quality images", which might be good for thumbnails but have problems when viewed in larger formats.