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Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 videos

This page gives an overview over the videos created behind the scenes and during and after the 2011 Wiki Loves Monuments contest. They may help you getting an idea of the organisation and the spirit of Wiki Loves Monuments. Furthermore, please get inspired by these videos and create more of them in 2012!


Promotional videosEdit

Wiki loves monuments.oggEdit

Wiki loves monuments promotional video

This video made by Fanny Schertzer and Ludovic Péron demonstrates not only the general workflow of participating, it also brings in a bit of the fascinating „scavenger hunt“ character of Wiki Loves Monuments. Additionally, it has a small amount of cat content.

Subtitles are available in Catalan, Swedish, Chinese, Romanian and English language - however, the video is self-explanatory without text. Well done!

Smaller version: File:Wiki loves monuments sd.ogg

Le Musee Libre presente Wikimedia Commons et Wiki Loves Monuments 2011.ogvEdit

A French video about Commons, Wiki Loves Monuments and Free Content

This french language video by User:BastienGuerry of the Musée libre was created after the contest. It starts a bit earlier in the process by explaining what Wikimedia Commons is and how many images were uploaded during the contest and how free content may interact with Open Street Map. Accompanied by a beautiful animated grafic it leads over to a general appeal how sexy free content is and that it's good for YOU!

The video can be subititled, at the moment it's available only in French – however, it's worth watching even if you don't know the language!

Instructional videos / ScreencastsEdit


Screencast of the upload process

This video by Nicubunu is a no-sound/no-text screencast that shows how to participate starting from the Romanian Wiki Loves Monuments website and using the UploadWizard. It shows how to use lists to add a monuments ID and leads through the whole uplad process.

Denkmallisten Calc2Wikipedia.ogvEdit

Screencast how to convert tables to Wikipedia monuments lists

A German language screencast by elya that demonstrates step-by-step how to convert an Excel or Calc table via csv2template to our template based monuments list in Wikipedia. The example concentrates on a German template and a German municipality, though it could be of general help to show how to use the csv2template converter.

Talks and messagesEdit

WM Philippines Sue Gardner video.theora.ogvEdit

Wiki Loves Monuments, and Sue Gardner loves Wiki Loves Monuments!

This professional video by Victorgrigas brings us a message from Sue Gardner – addressing the audience of Wikimedia Philippines' WLM kick-off event in 2012: “I want to talk a bit about the origins of Wiki Loves Monuments and the reasons why the Wikimedia Foundation cares about it so much“ – get inspired!

2011-11-17 BDA WLM 02 Sue Gardner-O.oggEdit

Sue Gardner talking at the Austrian award ceremony 2011

3-minutes video of Sue Gardner's talk at the Austrian award ceremony of Wiki Loves Monuments and Heritage Day in Vianna, in the offices of the Federal Monuments Office Vienna, Hofburg. The target group of the talk is a bit broader since there are heritage people and winners of the photo contest in the audience.

2011 GLAMcamp Amsterdam - Lightning Talk by Maarten Dammers.ogv Edit

Maarten's lightning talk at GLAM Camp Amsterdam

Maarten's talk at the GLAM camp Amsterdam, taken by Wikimedia Nederland, gives an insight about Wiki Loves Monuments to the Wikimedia GLAM community. The focus is on efforts, experiences and success stories.