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You can participate in Wiki Loves Monuments by making pictures yourself and upload them during the photo contest in the month September. It does not matter when you made those pictures: the only thing that counts is that they are uploaded in the month September in the way described below.

See for an overview of the monuments with their number on the page: Lists of monuments.

See for the rules and the prizes the page: Organisation.

Creating an accountEdit

To be able to participate in the photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments, you need to have an account on Wikimedia Commons. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one via this link. You must register a valid e-mail address in your account on Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia Commons is the central database for pictures and other media used on Wikipedia and other sites.

Uploading photosEdit

To upload pictures you need to be logged into Wikimedia Commons. When you are logged in, the "Login/Register" button is replaced with your name on Wikimedia Commons.

There are two ways to upload your photo.

Use the way you find most easy and comfortable. Below are some points to take in mind when uploading.

Points to noteEdit

  • Give the file a meaningful name that describes what the picture shows (with "Save as")
  • Select the appropriate region in Ghana and enter the number of the monument as specified in the [’s_material_cultural_heritage Lists of monuments]. The ID scheme was based on the ISO ID for Ghana's Regions.
  • Enter in as many languages ​​as possible a description of what is shown on the picture.


  • Specify if possible, an appropriate category when uploading.
  • You can also help by adding the image of the monument in the relevant list of monuments.

Pictures about other monuments and subjects, and pictures of monuments uploaded outside the month of September, do not participate in this competition, but are also very welcome!