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Safdarjung's Tomb, New Delhi, clicked by Pranav Singh won the first prize in Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 worldwide.

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Other Top 10 from India in WLM 2012
Note: Images of Monuments of India uploaded in September 2013 are only eligible for the competition.
Step 1. Create your account or log in.
Step 2. Find your local sites @ Monuments in India (Make sure that you add the right ASI monument number to be part of the contest)
Step 3. Take photos!
Step 4. Look up the Identifier number from the list.
Step 5. Upload your photos to the contest. Please only upload photos of which you are the photographer. Do not upload images from other websites. Copyright violations will be deleted immediately.
Also upload the highest resolution from your camera, do not add a frame, and do not add any watermark. They will be disqualified, as it makes the image unsuitable for Wikipedia.

Thanks for joining the world's largest photo contest.

Note: You can upload multiple photos.

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WLM 2012 worldwide winnersEdit

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WLM 2012 IndiaEdit

  1. This image was originally placed 11th - but moved up later because of a deletion. Therefore it wasn't nominated for the international jury.