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Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 - Antarctica is the local edition of Wiki Loves Monuments covering those historical sites and monuments located in Antarctica.

Antarctica, despite having no permanent population, has 92 sites that commemorate the attempts of exploration and research carried out by the international community over the past centuries ("Historical Sites and Monuments"). Crosses remembering deceased people, old huts in inhospitable places or marks that indicate landings indicate that activity. Several of these sites don't have freely licensed photos yet. You can submit your photos of all 92 sites through this competition, and help document the heritage located in Antarctica. Photographs must be submitted during September 2016, but can have been taken at any time before then.

Unlike other local versions, Wiki Loves Monuments Antarctica is a competition organized collectively by volunteers from different countries, in line with the spirit of international collaboration established by the Antarctic Treaty. The contest was organised before in 2013 by Wikimedia Argentina, with the support of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty.

See below for more information on how to participate.

The monumentsEdit

Detailed lists of all historic monuments area are available in five languages:

Rules and guidelinesEdit

You can participate in the competition by uploading your photo of one or multiple of the official monuments during September 2016. The photos will be judged by a special jury (to be announced) and the best pictures will be nominated for the international finale of Wiki Loves Monuments! This is your chance to share your proud memories of your stay at the polar continent.

Between 1 and 30 September, you can submit your photos through the dedicated upload form. Please make sure to include the dedicated monument identifier - you can find those on the monument lists linked above (for example: HSM-95).

Rules for participation:

  • Your photo should contain an identified monument in the list
  • Your photo must be freely licensed under Wikimedia Commons policies (the default CC-BY-SA license should be sufficient)
  • Your photo must be tagged and categorized (using the form linked above should take care of it) and submitted in the month of September (Universal Coordinated Time, UTC + 0) - but it can have been taken at any time
  • Make sure your account has a confirmed email address attached to it, that can be used to contact you as winner
  • The jury may decide to submit less than 10 images to the international finale, depending on the quality of the submissions.
  • The judging criteria will be identical to the international judging criteria.
  • In case of doubt, the 'local organisers' (Andrew and Lodewijk) will decide.

The jury for 2016 will consist of:

  • Andrew Gray, Librarian at the British Antarctic Survey and longtime Wikipedian (also coordinator)
  • Camilla Nichol, Chief Executive at the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust
  • Osmar Valdebenito, admission officer at the University of Chile, former Executive Director at Wikimedia Argentina, former organiser of Wiki Loves Monuments in Argentina and Antarctica and longtime Wikipedian.


If you have any questions, or want to get in touch with the organisers, please leave a message on the talkpage or get in touch with Lodewijk or Andrew.

Previous winners (2013)Edit

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