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Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in the United States
A campaign to improve our coverage of U.S. historic and cultural sites
throughout the month of September.

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Welcome to the guide for Californians, or people who have ever visited California and taken photos, who are participating in Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in the United States. See the national event page for more information!

From Alcatraz Island to the Mojave Trails, California's monuments capture the state's complex cultural history in a manner that always needs more freely-licensed photographic perspectives and analysis. Our goal with this project is to help document California's numerous monuments through photographs, and in so doing contemplate the history of photography itself as it has been influenced by the Californian environment. As a side-bonus to this project, we will also be working to improve Wikipedia's coverage of these historic sites and the history of photography around them.


Sites to photographEdit

National Register of Historic PlacesEdit

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is the federal government's official list of historic places that are deemed worthy of presentation. Here on Wikipedia we have California's NRHP listings sorted by county, with over 2,700 sites across California's 58 counties. Although many of these are already photographed and on Wikipedia, many are also missing and some can use better photos or photos taken from new angles. Explore your county's listing to see what sites are missing photographs.

National Monuments of CaliforniaEdit

The Wikimedia Commons has a category of National Monuments of California.

California is home to 15 National Monuments that have been protected by Congress through legislation or by the president through the use of the Antiquities Act. Many of these monuments are vast natural wonders, or large complex buildings, begging for further photographic exploration.

National Historic Landmarks in CaliforniaEdit

The United States National Historic Landmark listings in the state of California express the diversity of California's heritage, including pre-Columbian people, the Spanish and Mexican periods, maritime activity, space exploration, and more. Explore and document the National Historic Landmarks in California near you.

California Historical LandmarksEdit

Looking at this list of California's Historical Landmarks sorted by county, you'll find over 1,050 sites throughout the state, ranging from buildings, to trees, to sites of historical significance unique to the county and state, many of which are missing photographs on Wikipedia.

Local/Municipally-Designated Monuments and Historic SitesEdit

In addition to districts denoted by the federal government, many localities in California maintain their own historic sites, landmarks, and districts that are not designated by the NRHP, and many of them are missing photos (and more):

WLM Photowalks in CaliforniaEdit

Organize a photowalk in your area of California, discover and share your local history!