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Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in the United States
A campaign to improve our coverage of U.S. historic and cultural sites
throughout the month of September.

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Welcome to the Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States guide for the state of Wisconsin. Use the guide below to track down registered historic sites to photograph for the contest. If you have content to add, feel free to help expand the guide!


Places to photographEdit

National Register of Historic PlacesEdit

The Wikimedia Commons has a category of National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin.

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is the federal government's official list of historic places that are deemed worthy of preservation.

Some 2,500 of the 90,000 NRHP sites are also recognized as National Historic Landmarks (NHL), which have outstanding historical significance.

State designated sitesEdit

Wisconsin's State Register of Historic Places is maintained by the Wisconsin Historical Society. A searchable website is maintained by them at their website, a downloadable pdf is also available. If you have questions about if a location is on the register or if you believe a location should be on the register but is not listed please contact the State's Historic Preservation Officer via his website. Edit!

Local historic sites and districtsEdit

In addition to historic sites recognized by the federal and state governments, many localities also maintain their own lists of historic sites, landmarks, and districts. Explore whether any local cities by you have their own lists of historical sites (often maintained by local historic societies).

List of local historic site lists:

Photo walksEdit

None yet! We encourage local organizers to host a photowalk to visit local historic sites. If you host one, please list it here.