Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2013 in Finland

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Finland will participate in Wiki Loves Public Art. We got involved late, but we can contribute to a limited scope:

Copyright and FoPEdit

There is an exception in the Finnish copyright legislation for public artworks. It is allowed to use images of public artworks freely, with the exception of not using them for commercial purposes. This again limits the scope of WLPA to works in the public domain.

We are still checking the effect of URAA on our list(s).

Lists of artworksEdit

We are gathering lists from municipalities and sorting them based on artist bios. There is a total of 50 PD public artworks in Helsinki. Gathering and manipulating the lists (new data from the municipalities) is laborious and it would have been wise to set up proper resources for this project. As we cannot cover the whole country by the beginning of the contest, we will most likely create a GLAM project around lists of artworks in the public and in the public domain. We will be able to celebrate new works in the public domain each year on the Public Domain Day.

The link to the project blog will be added here.