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Evaluation processEdit

For more information about the selection procedure please go here.

National finalists and winnersEdit

In this table you can find all information about national finalists (and eventually, national winners) of WSC2017.

Algeria · Australia · Austria · Bangladesh · Belgium · Brazil · Bulgaria · Chile · China · Colombia · Czech Republic · Egypt · Estonia · France · Georgia · Germany · Greece · India · Indonesia · Iran · Iraq · Ireland · Italy · Jordan · Mexico · Oman · Philippines · Poland · Romania · Russia · Saudi Arabia · Serbia · Singapore · Spain · Sweden · Switzerland · Thailand · Ukraine · United Arab Emirates · United Kingdom · United States ··· The rest of the World

Countries with local organization will decide autonomously the finalists to send to the main jury, and among them they can also decide the type of winners for their local competitions. Such winners can be listed also in their local competition pages.

Click on these page to know all information related to local jurors, timelines and finalists.

Entries that are also national winners are marked by a laurel icon  , but this title gives no advantage at the international jury level. Like with Wiki Loves Monuments, international and national juries can show different taste.


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