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Nuvola Chinese flag.svg, Nuvola Hong Kong flag.svg , Nuvola Macau flag.svg These are the finalists for WSC2017 in China, Hong Kong and Macao.

This country-level selection has a specific national organizer and a national coordination page.



  • This country has a category for its files, other files from there might have been uploaded after the local deadline and moved to the 2017 international category if such deadline was still valid.
  • As of now, the files in the local category uploaded within the local deadline are 73, with 5 obviously unsuitable files.
  • Uploaders statistics are available here.

Specific classes of filesEdit


  •   -  /  Wing Ying CHOW (chemistry)
  •   -  /  Alessandro MARCHETTI (chemistry)
  •   -   Hyeonggyu KIM (computer science)
  • the selection lasted from 2017-12-31 to 2018-01-22.
  • The final results were published on 2018-02-13.


This country had the following files considered as possible finalists:

Files that were uploaded as part of a set are marked with (S), additional sets could have been reconstructed by the organizers.


People in scienceEdit

1st national finalist
High-school students experimenting with explosive chemicals

  This file cannot be accepted for the international selection due to limited resolution

Microscopy imagesEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
SEM image of a perovskite-like C3NH3PbBr3 crystal with defects.
Hydroquinone grows on substrate via slow evaporation of solvent.
Little chemorm

Non-photographic mediaEdit

1st national finalist
Magic squares represented using MatLab.

Image setsEdit

1st national finalist
Biodiesel synthesis.

General categoryEdit

1st national finalist
Hepatic cancer tissue from mouse.
Panzer VI-II
  This file cannot be accepted for the international selection due to limited resolution