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Commons:Wiki Science Competition 2017/Winners/Ireland

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Nuvola Irish flag.svg These are the finalists for WSC2017 in Ireland.

This country-level selection had a specific national organizer and a national coordination page.



  • This country has a category for its files, other files from there might have been uploaded after the local deadline and moved to the 2017 international category if such deadline was still valid.
  • As of now, the files in the local category uploaded within the local deadline are 82, with no obviously unsuitable file.
  • Uploaders statistics are available here.

Specific classes of filesEdit


  • the selection was performed by the local jury, with no tool.
  • Main coordinator: ....
  • the jurors were chosen by the local organizers
  • Jessica Hillard - Science Gallery, Dublin
  • Shaun O'Boyle - Science communicator
  • Rebecca O'Neill - Wikimedia Community Ireland
  • the selection lasted from 2017-12-01 to 2017-12-08.
  • The results were published on 2017-12-09 (winners) and 2018-01-24 (finalists)


No information about prefinalists was given in this case.


People in scienceEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
An experiment in which a student is able to hold a ball of fire in her hands due to methane bubbles.
  National winner
PhD student Hajrah Khawaja currently working in the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology in Belfast.
  Special national winner "Women in STEM"

Microscopy imagesEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
SEM image showing the growth of a series of nanowires of germanium telluride from the side of a silicon wafer.
  National winner
Series of micro pillars composed of varying amounts of germanium, antimony and tellurium

Non-photographic mediaEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Ten seconds of long wave radio spectrum as recorded in Dublin before, during and after a lightning strike.
  National winner
Heatmap showing the genetic distance of a global array of samples (Y axis) to references (X axis) with smaller distances given as darker colours.

Image setsEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Montage of an image of neurons, captured using a confocal microscope.
  National winner
Specimens of rutilated quartz.

General categoryEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
The contrast between the red blood cells from a cancer patients (left) and a healthy donor (right).
Karen Slattery
  National winner
UV Sterilisation of pipettes and tips in a Biosafety Cabinet.
Orla Keogh