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Wikimédia France is a Wikimedia chapter.

Among other activities − detailed on Meta − Wikimédia France supports the Wikimedia Commons project and community in several ways. The entire support results are available on Category:Supported by Wikimedia France.

Facilitating accessEdit

Media accreditationsEdit

The chapter helps in getting accredited for various events:

Privileged accessEdit

The chapter negotiates privileged access for photographers to special places and collections, especially related to cultural institutions:

Lending equipmentEdit

The chapter has purchased photographic equipment which can be freely borrowed by contributors: DLSR cameras, lenses, photo studios.

Encouraging participationEdit

The chapter encourages participation to the Wikimedia projects, through the organisation of photographic rallies or contests like Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth or été des régions:

Opening and sharing public domain materialEdit

The chapter strives to create partnerships with cultural institutions, aiming among other thing to help them opening and sharing their public domain collections.

Buying documentationEdit

The chapter can help contributors to buy reference books to help describe pictures:

Training peopleEdit

The chapter organizes training sessions to help contributors develop their skills.

A few figuresEdit

Wikimédia France has already supported the creation of 193,807 media. Among those: