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Wikimedia Österreich is a Wikimedia chapter primarily supporting Wikimedians in Austria.

Among other activities Wikimedia Austria supports the Wikimedia Commons project and community in several ways. The entire support results are available on Category:Supported by Wikimedia Österreich.

Photo Selection for the Wikimedia Österreich calendar 2019


Media accreditationsEdit

The chapter helps in getting accredited for various events, such as political rallies, sports events and concerts, festivals or fairs.

Lending equipmentEdit

The chapter has purchased photographic equipment which can be borrowed by contributors. Please find a list of loanable equipment in our members wiki and contact us if you want to borrow some of these.

Opening and sharing public domain materialEdit

The chapter strives to create partnerships with cultural institutions, aiming among other things, to help them opening and sharing their public domain collections.

Encouraging participationEdit

The chapter encourages participation to the Wikimedia projects, through the organisation of photographic rallies or contests like Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Public Art: