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Wikimedia CH is a Wikimedia chapter.

Among other activities, Wikimedia CH supports the Wikimedia Commons project and community in several ways. The entire support results are available on Category:Supported by Wikimedia CH.


Facilitating accessEdit

Media accreditationsEdit

The chapter helps in getting accredited for various events:

Privileged accessEdit

The chapter negotiates privileged access for photographers to special places and collections, especially related to cultural institutions:

Lending equipmentEdit

The chapter has purchased photographic equipment which can be freely borrowed by contributors:

Encouraging participationEdit

The chapter encourages participation to the Wikimedia projects, organizing contests like Wiki Loves Monuments:

Opening and sharing public domain materialEdit

The chapter strives to create partnerships with cultural institutions, aiming among other thing to help them opening and sharing their public domain collections:

A few figuresEdit

Wikimedia CH has already supported the creation of 216,592 media. Among those: