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  1. The project "Wikipedians in European Parliament" is a joint project of Wikipedians. All participants meet each other with respect and recognition of their efforts.
  2. The participants behave appropriately in demeanor and appearance to the dignity of the European Parliament.
  3. Out of respect for and protection of individual rights, only those images will be published, which agree with those photographed.
  4. All MEP who visit us will be photographed / videographed. Should a photographer not be willing to photograph certain politicians or politicians of a certain group this has to be told to the project manager beforehand. He will look for a solution within the group.
  5. All volunteers commit themselves to upload the materials produced within this project. Post-processing is allowed. A free license accepted by the Wikimedia community is to be used.
  6. The participants abstain from any political campaigning, eg. buttons.
  7. The participants commit to disclose their personal data for the project manager. To acquire access to the European Parliament it is neccessary to disclose the identity of the participants and their contact details. A passport or ID card is neccessary to enter the Parliament. Without disclosure participation is not possible. As this project is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Chapters accounting documents can be reviewed by their staff and auditors. They are obligated to secrecy.
  8. The project manager is responsible for the success of this project towards the community. Therefore his instructions have to be obliged. In case of serious violations of these participation rules the project manager may exclude participants from further participation.
  9. The project manager may appoint another person to support him in his absence.
  10. In case of non-conformant re-use within the political sphere (parliament, parties, political group, MEP) all producers are obliged to first undertake serious efforts to contact the re-user in order to achieve a license-conformant re-use. This contact has to be proved to the project manager. Making this contact can also be delegated to the project manager. If the project manager does not react within 7 days to a mail of a producer, the producer may take further steps. All involved parties (volunteers, MEPs, political groups, parliament etc.) will be provided with a general mail adress.
  11. At any time the House Rules of the parliament have to be obeyed and instructions by the staff have to be followed.