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question and WikidataEdit

Thanks for this great tool - I'm running into issues. I'm on a Mac, and it seemed like it worked really well at first and now doesn't work. I'm not sure why - I'm working on coats of arms and replacing pngs or SVGs with errors with better files, and it seems like the tool has stopped working, or possibly that it just does not work on files that are embedded in infoboxes using the [[Image:FileNameHere.svg]] format. As an example, on this file, I had to replace all of these manually, though I ran GlobalReplace several times with no errors. OK It looks like the problem was it had timed out. When I quit and started again, it worked fine.

However, I've noticed it doesn't seem to work on a large number of files. I'm trying to replace this superceded file File:Blason de Bretagne 3d.svg with this one File:Armoiries Bretagne - Arms of Brittany.svg. It creates a log entry but doesn't actually make any of the changes. I don't know if this is a bug or not so I'm putting it here.

Also I've noticed it doesn't work at all on files that are on Wikidata. Coat of arms is a Wikidata option and I have to change them manually. Is this something you're aware of? Just FYI. Thank you again! Wikimandia (talk) 09:15, 1 July 2017 (UTC)

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