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MUHAMMAD TUWAH born February 12, 1971 in the village of Ulak-Ship (OIC). S1 graduated from the Department of Islamic Education in the Faculty of MT IAIN Raden Fatah Palembang in 1997. On writing since his student, on campus and media publishing, published in South Sumatra. From 1997-present, he is also active in research conducted local and national institutions. And since 2012 the Chairman of the Foundation Literacy South Sumatra.

Among the papers in book form; Editor of the book Islam Humanist, Moyo Segoro Agung, Jakarta, in 2001, Books Editor J. Suyuthi Pulungan, Universalism Islam, Moyo Segoro Agung, Jakarta, in 2002, Books Editor M. Sirozi, Islamic Education Strategy Agenda, AK Group Yogyakarta, 2004, Books Editor M. Sirozi, Critical Notes Islamic Political Reform Era, AK Group Yogyakarta, 2004 Editor M. Sirozi Books, Politics and Education, Perss Rajawali, Jakarta, 2006, Editor Handbook for Preparation of Scientific Writing: Practical Tips for Preparing Thesis, Moyo Segoro Court, Jakarta, 2002, the book editor Alex Noerdin, Courage Changed: Reports of Muba, JP books, Surabaya (2008), book Editor Abd. Amri Siregar, Ibn Hazm: Concepts and Applications Methods Zahiri In Islamic law, Yogyakarta (2009), Editor of the book Alex Noerdin, People Must Sejahtera, Pustaka Indonesia One, Jakarta (2009), Author Ibn Amin: Hone Leadership Potential Towards Itself Devotion, Palembang (2005), Editor Books Syaripudin Bechar, Understanding Failure of Political Islam Modern (2009), Author of Free Schools: A Policy Populist in the Era of Regional Autonomy, Rambang, Palembang, (2008), Author Ratnawati Ibn Amin, Grassroots at Pentas politics, Jakarta (2010), Author Sea Games XXVI 2011: From Sumsel for Indonesia, Yogyakarta (2012), Author Book Character Education: Between Hope and reality (Yogyakarta, 2012), and Author of History Forum Pondok Pesantren Sumsel (Yogyakarta, 2013).

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