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F-89 Scorpion Photo Gallery

An American jet-powered all-weather interceptor aircraft


Northrop F-89A ScorpionEdit

The first production version of the Scorpion was the F-89A (Model N-35). Eight F-89As were built.

Northrop F-89B ScorpionEdit

After only eight F-89As had been built, production shifted to the F-89B (Model N-35). These were the remainder of the May 1949 production order.

Northrop F-89C ScorpionEdit

The F-89C (Model N-35) was the first major production version of the Scorpion, with a total of 164 being built.

Northrop F-89D ScorpionEdit

Second major production version (Model N-68). A total of 682 F-89D versions of the Scorpion were constructed.

Northrop F-89H ScorpionEdit

F-89H (Model N-138) was an adaptation of the missile-armed F-89D to carry the new Falcon air-to-air missile

Northrop F-89J ScorpionEdit

The F-89J (Model N-160) was the designation given to earlier F-89Ds that were modified in service to carry the Douglas MB-1 Genie nuclear-tipped unguided air-to-air rocket.

Other photosEdit