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fire protection system made of components used to seal openings



Firestop installation equipment


Firestops being installed

Bad examples (Building and Fire Code Violations)Edit

Building code violations

No firestop at allEdit

Unfirestopped openings

Certified Products But Wrong InstallationEdit

Certified products, wrong installation

Re-entered but not properly resealedEdit

Re-entered but not resealed firestops

Improper and Unenforced Specifications (No speciality subcontractor = up to 15 trades doing firestopping on one site)Edit

Broken firestop workscope

Proper FirestopsEdit

Operable firestops

Marine firestopsEdit

Marine firestops

Building Joint Firestops Requiring Materials also tested as Penetration SealsEdit

Building joints

Firestop TagsEdit

Firestop tags and applications

Fire testsEdit

Fire testing

Also seeEdit