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Flags of active autonomist and secessionist movements

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Not to be confused with Flags of micronations.

This is a list of flags of autonomist and secessionist movements around the world.



Afrikaner Volksfront (South Africa)
Republic of Ambazonia (Cameroon)
Azawad (Mali)
Bamileke National Movement (Cameroon)
Caprivi African National Union of the Free State of Caprivi Strip/Itenge (Namibia)
Flag of Canarian nationalism (Spain)
Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (Senegal)
Ogadenia National Liberation Front (Ethiopia)
Oromo Liberation Front (Ethiopia)
Cabinda (Angola)
Dar El Kuti (Central African Republic)


Free Aceh Movement (Indonesia)
Balawaristan National Front (Pakistan)
Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (India)
National Democratic Front of Bodoland (India)
Le Front pour la Liberation de Cham (Vietnam)
Chin National Front (Myanmar)
Gorkha National Liberation Front (India)
Hawar Islands separatists (Bahrain)
Inner Mongolian People's Party (People's Republic of China)
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (China, India, Pakistan)
Karen National Liberation Army (Myanmar)
Karen National Union (Myanmar)
Khalistan movement (India, Pakistan)
Moro National Liberation Front (Philippines)
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Philippines)
Palestinian Arabs (Israel, Palestine)
New Mon State Party (Myanmar)
Barisan Revolusi Nasional Melayu Patani (Thailand)
Ryukyu Islands (Japan)
Rojava (Syria)
Patani Raya (Thailand)
Patani United Liberation Organization (Thailand)
Riau Independentist Movement (Indonesia)
Republic of South Maluku (Indonesia)
Sulawesi Separatist Movement (Indonesia)
Tibetan Government in Exile (People's Republic of China)
East Turkestan independence movement (People's Republic of China)
Zomi Re-unification Organisation (Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar)
Taiwan independence (Republic of China)
Hong Kong independence movement (People's Republic of China)
Cantonia Independence movement (People's Republic of China)
Unofficial flag of Cantonia autonomist movement



Flag of the Sami people (Norway, Sweden and Finland)
Estrelada, flag of Aragonese nationalism (Spain)
Ikurrina, the official flag of the Basque autonomous community, also used to represent the greater Basque Country or Euskal Herria (France & Spain).
Flag of Catalan independentism (Andorra, France, Italy and Spain), called the estelada.
Flag of Padania (Italy)[1]
Flag of Sicilian independentism (Italy)
Flag of Portugalicia (Portugal and Spain)
Flag of Galician independentism (Spain), called estreleira
Flag of Breton nationalism (flag of Brittany in France, not explicitly associated with secession)
Flag of Vojvodina (Serbia)
Flag of Valencian nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Asturian nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Andalusian nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Sardinian nationalism (Italy)
Flag of Occitanian nationalism (France, Italy and Spain)
Flag of Cantabrian nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Castilian nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Leonese nationalism (Spain)
Flag of Scottish Nationalism (flag of Scotland in United Kingdom, not universally associated with secession)
Flag of Welsh Nationalism (flag of Wales in United Kingdom, not universally associated with secession)
Flag of Cornwall (United Kingdom)
Flag of Ichkeria[2]
Flag of Bosnian Croats, seeking autonomy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Szekely Land (Romania)
Flag of Donbass independentism (flag of Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, not universally associated with secession)

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  1. The Italian Lega Nord party claimed independence for the Padanian regions of Italy.
  2. Ichkeria claimed independence from Russia in 1991–2000.