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Four Lane Ends Interchange

metro station in Tyne & Wear
English: The Four Lane Ends Interchange is a car/bus/Metro transport interchange serving the north eastern districts of Newcastle upon Tyne and the adjacent areas of North Tyneside. Featuring a multi-storey car park, it operates as a park & ride facility. The interchange is on a site east of the N-S running Benton Road, which bridges the E-W running Metro tracks. To the south, Benton Park Road (to the west) and Front Street (to the east) meet Benton Road at a roundabout, which is the original of the name, Four Lane Ends. Administratively, the interchange is within North Tyneside, with the Newcastle/North Tyneside boundary running north along the west side of Benton Road and then west along the south side of the Metro tracks. The main building of the interchange is a large semi-circular concourse structure 55°00′36″N 1°34′42″W / 55.010092°N 1.578426°W / 55.010092; -1.578426, which acts as both the Metro station hall and the bus station - the bus stands are arranged around the circular (southern) edge of the building, with buses accessing them via the anti-clockwise road around it. The Metro platforms are beneath the concourse building, being entirely covered by it, and the adjoining bridge carrying Benton Road. The multi-storey car park is a rectangular structure sited adjacent to the straight edge of the concourse building, to the north.

Interchange building/bus stationEdit

Metro stationEdit

English: Four Lane Ends 55°00′36″N 1°34′42″W / 55.0099°N 1.5784°W / 55.0099; -1.5784 (Four Lane Ends Metro station) is a station on the Yellow Line of the Tyne and Wear Metro. It forms part of the Four Lane Ends Interchange, serving the north east of Newcastle & west North Tyneside.
Opened New
or converted
Number of platforms Track alignment Tyne & Wear metropolitan borough
11 August 1980 New 2 ENE-WSW North Tyneside
Two side platforms in a cutting underneath an interchange building, with both a bus lane around the interchange building and a bridge for Benton Road (A188) to the west
Platform no.
and position
of travel
Route Next
Platform 1
Westbound Benton Yellow Line to South Shields (stop 22 of 42) Longbenton
Platform 2
Eastbound Longbenton Yellow Line to St James (stop 21 of 42) Benton
Station buildings
Integrated into a large semi-circular concourse building which combines the station hall with a bus station
All round access with a main exterior entrance to the south west, then internal access to the platforms below from within the interchange
Protection from the elements
Bus station/station building underside