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Gallery of flags with cantons

This is a gallery of flags which use a distinctive canton as a feature of their design.


Flag cantonsEdit

In many flags using the canton pattern, the canton is used to depict another flag in order to denote a relationship between the two. (For other uses of flags on flags, see gallery of flags by design.)

Flag of the BahamasEdit

Flag of BangladeshEdit

Flag of the Confederate States of AmericaEdit

Flag of the Dominican RepublicEdit

Flag of FranceEdit

Flag of IndiaEdit

Flag of MalaysiaEdit

Flag of MauritiusEdit

Flag of New ZealandEdit

Royal New Zealand Navy EnsignEdit

Flag of NigeriaEdit

Flag of PakistanEdit

Flag of SingaporeEdit

Flag of the Solomon IslandsEdit

Flag of South AfricaEdit

Flag of the United KingdomEdit

See Gallery of British ensigns. Some examples:

Other flagsEdit

Other cantonsEdit


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Single starEdit

Crescent and starEdit

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Multiple starsEdit


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