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Slika dana
P S Krøyer 1899 - Sommeraften ved Skagens strand. Kunstneren og hans hustru.jpg

Summer Evening at Skagen beach (1899) by the Danish painter P.S. Krøyer, is a double portrait of the artist and his wife Marie. In the 1890s, P.S. Krøyer painted a number of evocative scenes of people walking along the shore. The painting was probably commissioned by Heinrich Hirschsprung and included in what later would come to be known as the Hirschsprung Collection.  

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Medij dana

The following video shows a cross-section of the hair follicle where hair grows, hair growth from its initial phase and the basic structure of a hair.
  1. Hair follicle
  2. Veins
  3. Arteries
  4. Hair bulb
  5. Follicle papilla
  6. Mother cells
  7. Cells (without core)
  8. Cells (extended)
  9. Sebum
  10. Sebaceous gland

1a. Cuticle 2a. Cortex 3a. Medulla
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Camera2 mgx.svg
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