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Images not to be uploaded to Commons for now
Source Museum Artist Work Title Formerly uploaded to Commons? Three-dimensional? terminus ante quem Artist Death Public Domain Day
Tate Britain William Logsdail St. Martin-in-the-Fields Restored No 1888 2015
Alte Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zur Berlin Max Klinger Amphitrite No Yes 1898 Photo-dependent
Indianapolis Museum of Art Edward Hopper Hotel Lobby Yes No 1943 1967 2027

The following images were uploaded, then deleted and placed in an "Undelete in 20XX" category, because they are not public domain in either the source country or the US, but will enter the public domain some time in the next 20-30 years:

The following images were not uploaded to Wikimedia Commons because they are either photographs of three-dimensional objects, or recent works that will not (as far as I know) enter the public domain in the next 30 years.