Gospel harmony (Sweet Publishing)

Gospel harmony of the four Gospels

Bible illustrations contributed by Sweet Publishing to Wikimedia Commons

Gallery of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and JohnEdit

Birth and early yearsEdit

John's & beginning of Jesus' ministry, Judean ministryEdit

1st Tour and choice of the 12, Galilean ministryEdit

Parables & denoicements begin, Galilean ministryEdit

Sending of the 12; Feeding of the 5000, Galilean ministryEdit

Travels outside Galilee; Confession of Christ, Outside GalileeEdit

Later Judean ministry; Sending of the 72, Judean ministryEdit

Teachings on the road, from Luke, Judean ministryEdit

Perean ministry & approach to Jerusalem, Perean & Judean ministryEdit

Passion week, Judean ministryEdit

Last Supper, Judean ministryEdit

Condemnation, Crucifiction, Burial; JudeaEdit

Resurrection, Appearances, AscensionEdit

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