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Help:Page name is in the Help: namespace

Wikimedia Commons' namespaces provide a basic structure for organising Commons content. This page, Help:Namespaces, is in the Help: namespace. Another example: the page Category:Commons help is a page in the Category: namespace, which lists all pages categorised as "Commons help" pages. Below is a complete list of the namespaces used at Wikimedia Commons and their functions.

Namespaces in numerical orderEdit

Name &
Lists of pages Nr. of pages
Special pages

Standard Namespaces

Standard Namespaces: Common to all MediaWiki Projects
n/a 39,273,155
Namespace for uploaded media files themselves, as opposed to description pages in the File namespace (6); for example [[Media:Krazy Kat Bugolist 1916 silent.ogv|Media:Krazy Kat Bugolist 1916 silent.ogv]] as compared to [[:File:Krazy Kat Bugolist 1916 silent.ogv|:File:Krazy Kat Bugolist 1916 silent.ogv]].
n/a SpecialPages The Special prefix is for pages that are automatically generated and cannot be edited. There is also no corresponding talk page, however, the parts that can be edited (i.e. system messages in the MediaWiki namespace) can be discussed on the appropriate talk page.
PrefixIndex 124,979
Most Linked
Namespace 0 here known as (Gallery) is used to display galleries of images and other media on Wikimedia Commons. It is referred to as Main or Article namespace on other projects like Wikipedia. Unlike all other namespaces, this namespace has no prefix before the page name.
PrefixIndex 2803[1] The Talk namespace is the discussion page for the (Gallery) namespace. This page is used to confer with other users about specific galleries in the main namespace. Similar to other odd-numbered namespaces.
List Users
Registered users have a homepage User:Username linked to by the system in lists of edits, e.g. on page histories, and from signatures on talk pages. Users can edit their page and its subpages to present themselves or for project-related bookmarks, drafts, tests, and other working material. For users who do not log in, the same applies, with the IP as username. See project scope for what content is allowed at user pages.
User talk
PrefixIndex 3,736,202[1]
The User talk namespace is used for sending and receiving personal messages. You may send a message to another user by editing their user talk page just like you would edit any other page. If someone leaves you a message on your talk page, you will be notified when you log in.
(Alias: Project, COM)
PrefixIndex 338,300[1]
The Commons namespace is an all-purpose namespace. It contains Wikimedia Commons' policies and guidelines, voting pages for the deletion of images and media, voting pages to grant users more power or inclusion into exclusive groups, complaints pages where users can request help in dealing with troublesome users, users essays concerning topics of interest pertaining to Commons, along with many project-related pages.
Use the name project instead of Commons on portable pages (especially templates), because project works on all MediaWiki installations.
Unsurprisingly there are also aliases COM talk (shorter) and Project talk (portable) for Commons talk (namespace 5).
Commons talk
PrefixIndex 4,109[1]
(Alias: Image)
List Files
New Files
Most Linked
The File namespace is where all the images and media (such as audio and movie clips) are stored. This is the most frequently used namespace of Commons. On file pages, you will usually find the file itself as well as its copyright information, author, description, and much more. See:

You can also use Image talk for File talk (namespace 7).

File talk
PrefixIndex 130,877[1]
19,032[1] The MediaWiki namespace is used to hold system messages and other important content. For instance, the page MediaWiki:Edit (or MediaWiki:Vector-view-edit in the default "Vector" skin) contains the text that fills the "Edit" tab at the top of every page. If that page exists, it overrides the default content, which is "edit this page". Similarly, MediaWiki:Common.css is the system message which holds the CSS code that is loaded for all users for each page. It has the special property that the entire namespace is fully protected and can only be edited by administrators.

To request changes, put {{edit request}} on the MediaWiki talk page. Note that "MediaWiki:" pages are often called through use of "int:" prefix. For example one can call {{MediaWiki:January}} (January) or {{int:January}} (January). The difference is that the latter will be translated to the language of the user.

MediaWiki talk
PrefixIndex 2,026[1]
PrefixIndex 135,606[1]
Most Linked
The Template namespace stores commonly used code for other namespaces. It is the default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name}} refers to and includes the page Template:name.
Template talk
PrefixIndex 2,322[1]
PrefixIndex 281[1] The Help namespace contains help pages for Wikimedia Commons. For an overview see Help:Contents
Help talk
PrefixIndex 55[1]
Most Linked
The Category namespace is used to organize pages in other namespaces based on common themes, for example, in the Category:Flags page you will find a list of all the pages (images, galleries, and subcategories) that contain the code [[Category:Flags]]. Hopefully all the pages in this category will have something to do with flags. Category:CommonsRoot is the top-most category.
Category talk
PrefixIndex 13,363[1]
PrefixIndex 202[1] The Module namespace contains Scribunto modules – Lua scripts implementing special-purpose parser functions for use in templates, beyond the basic set included with MediaWiki and its extensions.
Module talk
PrefixIndex 34[1]

Custom Namespaces

Custom Namespaces: Not Found on All Wikimedia Projects
28,560 The Creator namespace is similar to the Template namespace in that it only contains templates, yet this namespace is reserved for {{Creator}} infoboxes. These infobox templates contain general information about notable artists to be used on their works' File namespace pages. Creator pages are especially useful for verifying dates for files using {{PD-old}} license.
Actually namespaces 100 and 101 exist on all newer MediaWiki installations, but the name has to be customized.
Creator talk
PrefixIndex 67[1]
1,647[1] The TimedText namespace is used for storing .srt files that contain closed captioning text in the SubRip format. See Commons:Timed Text for how to use this; and see the example TimedText:Krazy Kat Bugolist 1916
TimedText talk
PrefixIndex 171[1]
PrefixIndex 23[1] The Sequence namespace is used for storing video sequences. See Commons:Sequencer for an overview of the Kaltura JavaScript video sequencer.
Sequence talk
PrefixIndex 2[1]
(Alias: Museum)
(+ 389 stubs)
The Institution namespace is similar to the Template and Creator namespaces in that it only contains templates, yet this namespace is reserved for {{Institution}} infoboxes. These infobox templates contain general information about museums, galleries, collections and other institutions to be used on their works' File namespace pages, like in gallery field of {{Artwork}}.
Institution talk
(Alias: Museum talk)
PrefixIndex 10[1]
PrefixIndex 179[1] This namespace is used to set up customized file upload forms. See mw:Extension:UploadWizard/Campaigns for details. It can only be edited by Upload Wizard campaign editors and administrators.
Campaign talk
PrefixIndex 4[1]
PrefixIndex 19[1]
GWToolset talk
PrefixIndex 38,929[1] The Translations namespace is related to :mw:Extension:Translate.
Translations talk

Pseudo Namespaces

Custom pseudo-namespaces of Wikimedia Commons
CAT PrefixIndex The pseudo-namespace CAT: in the (Gallery) namespace (0) contains redirections to important categories (used as shortcuts on talk and project pages).

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