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Historical markers

plate or tablet fixed to a wall to mark an event, person, etc

Historical markers is a category with various sub-categories that contains images of historical markers.

For each historical marker the following information and images are requested:

  • image of front of marker
  • image of back of marker if free standing marker
  • images showing the surrounding area
    • left and right oblique angles from the front
    • left and right oblique angles from the back
  • coordinates of the location of the historical marker Commons:Geocoding
  • a brief synopsis of where the marker is located

Images should be categorized by geographical location as in: country and state/province.

Resolution of the front and back images of the marker should be sufficient that the inscription can be read from the image.

The front of marker image should be considered the main image with the category information provided. The other images should be linked to from the main image. Using this procedure will cause the main, front of marker image to be the key for the historical marker and it will show up in the proper categories yet the auxillary images providing additional detail will be available from the main image.

Supporting images can be linked to using the :Image:ImageName.jpg (in the double brackets) markup to provide a link rather than a displayed image as in Image:HistoricalMarkerUSGeorgiaPioneerTurpentiningExperiment.jpg.

Description text should use the wikipedia:term|term (in the double brackets) markup in order to provide a link to a topic in Wikipedia for terms that may not be well known as in historical marker.

An example is provided from the image below.