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romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender
English: For a sorted view of homosexuality in non-Western culture look at Homosexuality (non-Western). For more pictures, see Category:LGBT.
Italiano: Per una galleria ordinata cronologicamente sull'omosessualità al di fuori della cultura Occidentale si veda Omosessualità (non-Occidentale). Per un elenco d'immagini non ordinate cronologicamente si veda la Category:LGBT.
Polski: Posortowane zdjęcia i obrazki przedstawiające homoseksualizm w innych kulturach niż kultura zachodnia możesz zobaczyć tutaj Homoseksualizm (non-Western). Nieposortowane zdjęcia i obrazki są tu Kategoria LGBT.



Homosexuality (pre-modern)Edit

English: For pre-modern homosexuality in Western culture, look at: Homosexuality (pre-modern). (The file had to be split due to its excessive size).
Italiano: Per l'omosessualità premoderna nella cultura Occidentale, si veda Homosexuality (pre-modern). (Il file è stato suddiviso a causa delle dimensioni eccessive).
Polski: Homoseksualizm w dawniejszej kulturze zachodu zobacz tu: Homosexuality (pre-modern). (Plik został podzielony z uwagi na zbyt dużą objętość).

Modern & contemporary Era (1800 ca. on) / Age moderne et contemporaire (de 1800 environs) / Età moderna e contemporanea (dal 1800 ca.)Edit

Men / Hommes / UominiEdit

Portraits of LGBT activists / Ritratti di militanti LGBT / Portraits d'activistes LGBTEdit

Main gallery: LGBT activists.

Portraits: France / Ritratti: FranciaEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in France.

Portraits: German-speaking countries / Ritratti: Area germanica / Portraits: nations AllemandophonesEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in Germany.

Portraits: Great Britain / Ritratti: Gran Bretagna / Portraits: Grande BrétagneEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in the United Kingdom.

Portraits: Italy / Ritratti: Italia / Portraits: ItalieEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in Italy.

Portraits: Russia / Ritratti: RussiaEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in Russia.

Portraits: USA / Ritratti: UsaEdit

Main gallery: Homosexuality in the United States.

Portraits: Other countries / Ritratti: Altre nazione / Portraits: Autres nationsEdit

History / Historia / Histoire / StoriaEdit

Main category: LGBT history

The Eulenburg affair / Lo scandalo Eulenburg (1907)Edit

Nazis and the "Gay holocaust" / Nazisme et "holocauste homosexuel" / Nazismo ed "omocausto" (1933-1945)Edit

Lesbian historyEdit

English: For images of women please see Lesbian history.
Français : Pour images de femmes voir Lesbian history (Histoire lesbienne).
Español: Para imágenes de mujeres, vea Lesbian history (Historia lésbica).
Italiano: Per immagini di donne si veda Lesbian history (Storia lesbica).
Polski: Obrazki z zdjęcia kobiet możesz zobaczyć tu Lesbian history.

Gayness and homoeroticism in 19th century artEdit

A few examples of the male nude in photographyEdit

Early bodybuilding male nudeEdit

Thomas Eakins (1844-1916)Edit

Wilhelm von Plüschow (1852-1930)Edit

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)Edit

Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931)Edit

Henry Scott Tuke (1858–1929)Edit

Charles Demuth (1883-1935)Edit

Homosexuality and homoeroticism in 20th century art (now in the Public Domain)Edit

Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964)'s nudes (1940?-1948)Edit

Main category: Carl Van Vechten

21st centuryEdit

21st century - Gay pride marches / 21mo secolo - Manifestazioni del Gay prideEdit

21st century - Same-sex marriage / 21mo secolo Matrimoni gayEdit

21st century - Maps / 21me siècle - Plans / 21mo secolo - MappeEdit

21st century - Facts and people / 21me siècle - Factes et personnes / 21mo secolo - Fatti e personeEdit

21st century - Drag queens & moreEdit