Indian state
<nowiki>कर्नाटक; Karnataka; کرناٹک; Karnataka; Карнатакæ; Karnataka; کرناټک; Karnataka; کرناٹک; Karnátaka; Karnataka; 卡纳塔克邦; Karnataka; কৰ্ণাটক; Карнатака; Karnataka; ꠇꠞꠘꠣꠐꠇ ꠞꠣꠁꠎ꠆ꠎ; Karnataka; Karnataka; कर्नाटक; କର୍ଣ୍ଣାଟକ; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; كارناتاكا; कर्नाटक; ကာနာတာကာပြည်နယ်; 卡納塔克邦; Khà-na̍p-thap-khiet-pâng; Karnataka; Estat de Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Կառնատակա; 卡纳塔克邦; Karnataka; კარნატაკა; カルナータカ州; Karnataka; كارناتاكا; කමටකා; Carnatica; कर्णाटकराज्यम्; कर्नाटक; 卡纳塔克邦; ਕਰਨਾਟਕ; Karnataka; கருநாடகம்; Карнатака; รัฐกรณาฏกะ; Karnataka; Karnataka; ཁར་ན་ཀྲ་ཁཱ།; کارناتاکا; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ; 卡納塔克邦; Karnataka; 카르나타카주; Karnatako; Karnataka; কর্ণাটক; Karnataka; Kornattok; कर्नाटक; ކަރްނާޓަކާ; Karnataka; קאַרנאַטאַקאַ; Karnataka; Karnataka; კარნატაკა; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ; کارناتاکا; Karnataka; Karnátaka; ካርናተከ; Karnataka; کارناتاکا; कर्नाटक; Карнатака; Карнатака; कर्नाटक; Karnataka; Καρνάτακα; Karnataka; کرناٹک; Karnataka; קרנאטקה; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; కర్ణాటక; State of Karnātaka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Карнотако; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; कर्नाटका; Karnataka; Karnátaka; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnataka; Karnātaka; Carnataca; Karnataka; কর্ণাটক; Karnataka; कर्नाटक; Karnataka; Karnataka; कर्नाटक; Карнатака; Karnataka; Karnataka; കർണാടക; 卡納塔克邦; कर्नाटक; کارناتاکا; ڪرناٽڪا; કર્ણાટક; Karnataka; کارناتاکا; 卡纳塔克邦; ᱠᱚᱨᱱᱟᱴᱚᱠ; estado de la India; állam Indiában; fylki á Suðvestur-Indlandi; estat de l'Índia; indischer Bundesstaat; shtet i Indisë; یکی از ایالت‌های کشور هند; 印度的一个一级行政区; indisk delstat; Hindistan'da bir eyalet; جنوب ہند کی ایک ریاست; delstat i södra Indien; штат Індії; ಬಾರತೋದ ಒಂಜಿ ರಾಜ್ಯ; भारतदेशे एकः दक्षिणराष्ट्रः। कस्य राजनगरम् बेङ्गलूरू||; दक्षिणी भारत का राज्य; భారతదేశంలోని రాష్ట్రం; 인도 남서부에 위치한 주이다.; provinco de Barato; indický svazový stát; இந்திய மாநிலம்; stato indiano; ভারতের একটি রাজ্য; État de l'Inde; 印度的邦; 印度的一个邦; שטאַט פון אינדיע; भारतातील एक राज्य.; दक्षिण भारतक राज्य; ଭାରତର ଏକ ରାଜ୍ୟ; दक्षिणी भारतको राज्य; Indijas štats; Intian osavaltio; valstija Indijoje; ਭਾਰਤੀ ਰਾਜ; штат Индии; delstat i India; インドの州; negara bagian di India; Ìn-tō͘ ê pang; ഇന്ത്യൻ സംസ്ഥാനം; deelstaat in het zuiden van India; Estado da Índia; ᱥᱤᱧᱚᱛ ᱨᱮᱱᱟᱜ ᱯᱚᱱᱚᱛ; ಭಾರತದ ಒಂದು ರಾಜ್ಯ; מדינה בהודו; Indian state; ولاية في جنوب غرب الهند; Πολιτεία στη νότια Ινδία; ꠄꠘ꠆ꠒꠤꠀꠞ ꠄꠉꠥ ꠞꠣꠁꠎ꠆ꠎ; ꠇꠘꠠ ꠞꠣꠁꠎ꠆ꠎꠅ; కర్నాటక; ಕರುನಾಡು; Karnataka; कर्नाटक; كَرْنَتاكة; قَرْنَطاقة; كَرْنَتاكا; കന്നടനാട്; கர்நாடகா</nowiki>
Indian state
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  • Karnataka Legislature
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  • 1 November 1956
  • 61,130,704 (2011)
  • 191,791 ±1 km²
  • Mysore State
  • Mysore State
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English: Karnataka is a state in southern India. For more, See The Karnataka Category.

Karnataka edit

Heritage edit

Karnataka with its rich heritage leaving memories with monuments that represented the glory from the rulers to empires. We showcase them to the present and it is our duty and commitment to protect them for our future generations. Click on text links below to to load gallery

Temples edit

The gallery includes ancient and new temples with various styles and architectures providing blessings for devotees, pilgrims and visitors.

Wildlife edit

The forests of Karnataka with many wildlife reserves provides opportunity of sighting rare species, these galleries include captures of safaris and sighting of such beautiful life. The category also includes zoological parks in Karnataka. There are five National Parks totally covering an area about 2500 square kilometers. There are 3 tiger reserves, 21 wildlife sanctuaries and 2 forests as part of bio-sphere reserves.

Birds edit

Ranganathittu and Nagarahole are major bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka, there are other seasonal bird sanctuaries providing resting place for migratory birds of the world. This gallery includes images of the colorful birds captured in Karnataka Bird sanctuaries

Water edit

The Western Ghats (peaks) with winding rivers and streams creates many waterfalls in Karnataka. Some are seasonal and depends on monsoon rains the places are always attractive with normal or huge amount of water cascades or direct drops. This gallery includes water falls, beaches and other water fronts of Karnataka

Landscapes edit

In this catch-all category you will find images of peaks, plains,green and cityscapes of Karnataka

Related Information edit