visual representation of a concept space; symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, or themes

A map is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, and themes.

A medieval depiction of the Ecumene (1482, Johannes Schnitzer, engraver), constructed after the coordinates in Ptolemy's Geography and using his second map projection

History mapEdit

Main gallery: Old maps.

related properties: History of cartography

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Middle AgesEdit


Late modern periodEdit

16th century

17th century

18th century

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Thematic mapEdit

Main categories: Cartograms, Choropleth maps, Dot maps, and Flow maps

related properties: Thematic map

Pictorial mapEdit

Main category: Pictorial maps

related properties: Pictorial map

Star chartEdit

Main category: Astronomical maps

related properties: Star chart

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21st century

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Maps(18 C, 1 P, 15 F)
Maps by area(11 C)
Maps by country(222 C)
Maps by ocean(8 C)
Astronomical maps(10 C, 107 F)
Maps of countries(15 C, 38 F)
Maps of markets(1 C, 2 F)
Maps of the world(29 C, 3 P, 2157 F)
Maps by language(218 C)
Language-neutral maps(9 C, 780 F)
Multilingual maps(2 C, 32 F)
Afrikaans-language maps(2 C, 113 F)
Albanian-language maps(2 C, 7 F)
Amharic-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Arabic-language maps(12 C, 390 F)
Aramaic-language maps(2 C, 2 F)
Armenian-language maps(4 C, 196 F)
Assamese-language maps(3 C, 4 F)
Asturian-language maps(2 C, 22 F)
Basque-language maps(5 C, 65 F)
Bavarian-language maps(1 C, 2 F)
Belarusian-language maps(5 C, 213 F)
Bengali-language maps(3 C, 26 F)
Bhojpuri-language maps(1 C, 4 F)
Bosnian-language maps(2 C, 20 F)
Breton-language maps(2 C, 29 F)
Bulgarian-language maps(4 C, 81 F)
Catalan-language maps(6 C, 102 F)
Chechen-language maps(2 C, 1 F)
Chinese-language maps(15 C, 379 F)
Chuvash-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Coptic-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Cornish-language maps(1 C, 8 F)
Croatian-language maps(5 C, 92 F)
Czech-language maps(5 C, 238 F)
Danish-language maps(3 C, 22 F)
Dutch-language maps(15 C, 329 F)
English-language maps(21 C, 1446 F)
Esperanto-language maps(6 C, 92 F)
Estonian-language maps(4 C, 221 F)
Faroese-language maps(2 C, 3 F)
Finnish-language maps(4 C, 91 F)
French-language maps(33 C, 861 F)
Frisian-language maps(2 C, 1 F)
Galician-language maps(3 C, 37 F)
Georgian-language maps(7 C, 103 F)
German-language maps(40 C, 713 F)
Greek-language maps(7 C, 312 F)
Gujarati-language maps(2 C, 6 F)
Hebrew-language maps(10 C, 1 P, 365 F)
Hindi-language maps(2 C, 19 F)
Hungarian-language maps(10 C, 249 F)
Icelandic-language maps(2 C, 10 F)
Indonesian-language maps(3 C, 12 F)
Irish-language maps(1 C, 5 F)
Italian-language maps(16 C, 827 F)
Japanese-language maps(9 C, 597 F)
Javanese-language maps(1 C, 15 F)
Kannada-language maps(3 C, 7 F)
Kazakh-language maps(1 C, 5 F)
Khmer-language maps(2 C, 25 F)
Korean-language maps(7 C, 64 F)
Kurdish-language maps(2 C, 59 F)
Kyrgyz-language maps(2 C, 2 F)
Latin-language maps(30 C, 963 F)
Latvian-language maps(3 C, 7 F)
Ligurian-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Lithuanian-language maps(3 C, 19 F)
Macedonian-language maps(6 C, 90 F)
Malay-language maps(2 C, 3 F)
Malayalam-language maps(2 C, 41 F)
Manx-language maps(1 C, 2 F)
Maori-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Marathi-language maps(2 C, 19 F)
Nahuatl-language maps(1 C, 2 F)
Navajo-language maps(1 C, 19 F)
Nepali-language maps(1 C, 2 F)
Newari-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Norwegian-language maps(4 C, 47 F)
Occitan-language maps(6 C, 83 F)
Persian-language maps(4 C, 85 F)
Polish-language maps(10 C, 175 F)
Portuguese-language maps(11 C, 116 F)
Punjabi-language maps(14 C, 53 F)
Romanian-language maps(4 C, 150 F)
Romansh-language maps(1 C, 2 F)
Russian-language maps(21 C, 727 F)
Sanskrit-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Scots-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Serbian-language maps(7 C, 380 F)
Silesian-language maps(1 C, 27 F)
Sindhi-language maps(2 C, 1 F)
Sinhala-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Slovak-language maps(3 C, 39 F)
Slovene-language maps(5 C, 58 F)
Sorbian-language maps(1 C, 10 F)
Spanish-language maps(20 C, 839 F)
Swahili-language maps(3 C, 14 F)
Swedish-language maps(6 C, 153 F)
Tagalog-language maps(1 C, 5 F)
Tamil-language maps(3 C, 31 F)
Tatar-language maps(1 C, 1 F)
Telugu-language maps(2 C, 7 F)
Thai-language maps(3 C, 47 F)
Turkish-language maps(5 C, 113 F)
Ukrainian-language maps(13 C, 227 F)
Urdu-language maps(2 C, 115 F)
Maps by scale(121 C, 1 F)
Maps by source(50 C)
Maps by author(19 C)
Maps by company(28 C)
Collections of maps(10 C, 1 F)
WikiAtlas(9 C, 7 P, 4 F)
Maps from books(11 C, 34 F)
Dieppe maps(3 C, 8 F)
Created with GMT(2 C, 195 F)
IEG maps(2 F)
Maps-for-free images(2 C, 180 F)
Screenshots from C, 120 F)
NASA World Wind(6 C, 2 P, 3969 F)
Natural Earth(1 C, 117 F)
Maps by OSMTram(121 F)
SURGmap(231 F)
UN maps(6 C, 51 F)
PD World Wind(4139 F)
Maps by subject(48 C, 1 F)
Agricultural maps(15 C, 56 F)
Anthropological maps(6 C, 50 F)
Archaeological maps(7 C, 48 F)
Astronomical maps(10 C, 107 F)
Biogeographical maps(18 C, 49 F)
Communication maps(17 C, 41 F)
Constituency maps(1 C, 2 F)
Cultural maps(21 C, 9 F)
Demographic maps(25 C, 38 F)
Economic maps(37 C, 23 F)
Energy maps(6 C, 12 F)
Environmental maps(10 C, 35 F)
Maps of fiction(3 C, 12 F)
Floor plans(36 C, 1 P, 594 F)
Forecasting maps(24 F)
Health maps(17 C, 11 F)
Maps showing history(31 C, 3 P, 259 F)
Law-related maps(34 C, 98 F)
Locator maps(15 C, 6 F)
Maps of famine(14 F)
Maps of partitions(8 C, 8 F)
Maps of submarine cables(1 C, 15 F)
Political maps(16 C, 49 F)
Religion maps(18 C, 1 P, 13 F)
Risk maps(1 C)
Sex-related maps(6 C, 9 F)
Maps of spaceports(3 C, 11 F)
Sports maps(15 C, 49 F)
Maps of time zones(6 C, 16 F)
Tourist maps(10 C, 39 F)
Transport maps(19 C, 21 F)
Urban planning maps(2 C, 4 F)
Maps by type(74 C)
3D maps(6 C, 2 F)
Aeronautical charts(5 C, 26 F)
Animated maps(12 C, 111 F)
Atlases(15 C, 2 P, 77 F)
Bathymetric maps(16 C, 28 F)
Bird's eye view maps(12 C, 53 F)
Bubble maps(1 C, 257 F)
Cadastral maps(16 C, 96 F)
Cartograms(8 C, 39 F)
Cartographic reliefs(12 C, 62 F)
Choropleth maps(7 C, 73 F)
Clay maps(1 C)
Clickable maps(8 C, 8 P, 16 F)
Dot maps(3 C, 31 F)
Estate maps(3 C, 37 F)
Maps incorporating flags(10 C, 94 F)
Flow maps(2 C, 33 F)
Folded maps(14 F)
Four-color maps(24 F)
Geobox maps(2 C)
Geographic Overlays(1 C, 3 P, 203 F)
Globes(32 C, 1 P, 275 F)
Maps composed of gores(6 C, 78 F)
Gradient maps(1 C, 14 F)
Hachure maps(2 C, 28 F)
Hand-drawn maps(3 C, 57 F)
Heat maps(50 F)
Hex maps(34 F)
Isoline maps(2 C, 2 F)
Itinerarium(11 C, 1 P, 9 F)
Location maps(9 C, 17 F)
Locator maps(15 C, 6 F)
Manuscript maps(9 C, 1 P, 181 F)
Nautical charts(11 C, 9 F)
Network maps(3 C, 11 F)
Non-topographic maps(5 C, 16 F)
Pictorial maps(9 C, 90 F)
Plans(15 C, 115 F)
Pocket maps(1 C, 3 F)
Portolan charts(8 C, 79 F)
Product maps(10 F)
Puzzle maps(1 C, 24 F)
Reversed maps(2 C, 43 F)
Robot maps(1 F)
Round maps(7 C, 60 F)
Map samplers(60 F)
Satellite maps(2 C, 52 F)
Satirical maps(6 C, 15 F)
Schematic maps(3 C, 40 F)
Sculpture maps(9 C, 15 F)
Silk map(10 F)
Size comparison maps(4 C, 12 F)
Sketch maps(3 C, 52 F)
Square maps(20 F)
Strip maps(1 C, 10 F)
Survey drawings(13 C, 108 F)
SVG cartography(2 C, 15 F)
Tactile maps(24 F)
Topographic maps(21 C, 104 F)
Topological maps(66 F)
Maps with view images(2 C, 7 F)
Maps by time(9 C)
Old maps(19 C, 1 P, 8000 F)
Maps by period(1 C)
Maps by year(582 C)
Future maps(2 C, 14 F)
Maps showing history(31 C, 3 P, 259 F)
Undated maps(1 C)
Featured maps(1 C, 1 P, 72 F)
Outdated maps(7 C, 5 F)
Superseded maps(7 C, 16 F)
Gallery pages of maps(2 C, 25 P)
Disputed maps(5 C, 13 P, 1223 F)
Incorrect maps(14 C, 71 F)
Symbols of maps(2 C, 7 F)
Map-related templates(6 C, 22 P)
Index maps(3 C, 2 P, 65 F)
Maps in art(39 C, 144 F)
Maps in portrait paintings(17 C, 121 F)
Paintings of maps(2 C, 2 F)
Sculptures of maps(4 C, 1 F)
Map-shaped objects(4 C, 2 F)
Allegorical maps(4 C, 36 F)
Azulejos maps(1 C, 11 F)
Maps on banknotes(1 C, 22 F)
Maps on clothes(9 F)
Maps on coins(5 C, 32 F)
Maps of countries in art(18 C, 10 F)
Flags with geographic shapes(10 C, 2 P, 158 F)
Map-shaped food(1 C, 6 F)
Globes in art(50 C, 461 F)
Maps in heraldry(1 C, 168 F)
Maps in logos(27 C, 63 F)
Maps on money(3 C)
Maps on medals(14 F)
Mosaic maps(4 C, 18 F)
Objects on maps(8 C, 3 F)
Pavement maps(15 F)
People with maps in art(15 C, 126 F)
Map postcards(187 F)
Maps in propaganda(1 C, 45 F)
Map samplers(60 F)
Satirical maps(6 C, 15 F)
Maps on stamps(20 C, 211 F)
The Black Stain(3 F)
Maps of the world in art(6 C, 73 F)
Map making(10 C, 32 F)
Cartography(16 C, 1 P, 8 F)
Engraved maps(3 C, 109 F)
Examples of map making(1 C, 51 F)
Lithographed maps(4 C, 21 F)
Map drawing instruments(4 C, 61 F)
Map projections(8 C, 164 F)
Mapping software(13 C, 15 F)