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Mark was the official currency in the German Democratic Republic from 1948–1990. Over this period it had three official names:

  • 1948–1964: Deutsche Mark der Deutschen Notenbank (DM)
  • 1964–1967: Mark der Deutschen Notenbank (MDN)
  • 1967–1990: Mark der Staatsbank der DDR (M)



1948 – provisorial stamps addedEdit

1948 – first issueEdit

1955 – second issueEdit

1964 – third issueEdit

1971/1974 – fourth issueEdit

These images depict the series of notes issued in the 1970s and 1980s.

1985 – not issuedEdit

The 200 and 500 Mark notes were never issued by the DDR government, but became available after the currency ceased to circulate in 1990.


1948–1950 – first issueEdit

The coins of the first issue showed a gearwheal and a spike on their back side.

1952–1953 – second issueEdit

The second issue showed the state seal on their back, but had the same front side as the first series.

1956/…–1990 – third issueEdit

The third issue was redesigned. New coins were gradually produced, starting 1956. In 1972 on the 1 and 2 Mark coins “Deutsche Mark” was replaced by “Mark”. All back sides show the state seal.

Commemorative coinsEdit