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The file name you were trying to upload has been blacklisted because it appears to be a MediaWiki rendition of an SVG image. (Such renditions have names with a prefix like 800px- and end in .svg.png.)

If you were trying to move this file to Commons from another Wikimedia project (Wikipedia, Wikibooks, etc.), you probably downloaded the PNG rendition instead of the original SVG file by mistake. Please go back to the original file description page, right-click on the image and select Save Link As; do not select Save Image As.

If you have some reason for uploading a file with this particular name, or if you receive this message when attempting to upload a new version of an existing file, please let us know at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard or directly at MediaWiki talk:Titleblacklist. Be sure to specify the exact name of the file you are trying to upload. Thank you.