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The file name you were trying to upload has been blacklisted because it contains two (or more) consecutive apostrophes (''). Such file names are very difficult to use in MediaWiki, since the apostrophes are normally interpreted as markup for bold/italic text.

Instead of using double apostrophes in file names, please consider the following alternatives:

  • If you meant to use the apostrophes as double quotes, replace them with the double quote sign (").
  • If you only meant to use a single apostrophe, please remove the additional ones.
  • If you were trying to use the apostrophes to mark up bold or italic text, please remove them. MediaWiki does not actually support bold or italic text in file names.
  • If the file name you tried to use is actually written in a language (like Neapolitan) that uses double apostrophes as part of its normal orthography, please try to find an alternative name or spelling that avoids this issue. You may also wish to consider using the Unicode typographic apostrophe (’) instead of the problematic typewriter apostrophe (').

If you have some reason for uploading a file with this particular name, or if you receive this message when attempting to upload a new version of an existing file, please let us know at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard or directly at MediaWiki talk:Titleblacklist. Be sure to specify the exact name of the file you are trying to upload. Thank you.