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Messiah Foundation International


Messiah Foundation International (MFI or مہدی فاونڈیشن انٹرنیشنل) (previously known as RAGS International) is an organization established by Younus AlGohar under the guidance of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, in early 2000, to promote the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love.[1]


Processions, Protests & their CoverageEdit

the United States of AmericaEdit

Washington, D.C.Edit

Procession in front of the White HouseEdit


United KingdomEdit

Procession in front of 10 Downing StreetEdit

Protest in front of the Indian Embassy in LondonEdit

Protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy in LondonEdit

Protest in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in LondonEdit


Procession in front of the United Nations in GenevaEdit



Protest in New Delhi, IndiaEdit
Press Conference in Press Club of IndiaEdit


Protest in front of Hyderabad Press ClubEdit
Protest in front of Pakistan Parliament House, in IslamabadEdit
Procession in front of Lahore Press ClubEdit

Sri LankaEdit

Procession in front of Pakistan Embassy in ColomboEdit
Procession in front of Saudi Arabia Embassy in ColomboEdit

International EventsEdit

Tour of Sri LankaEdit

An International Symposium held by Kalki Avatar Foundation International, in ColomboEdit

A Conference held for Local ColombiansEdit


The Divine Love Conference, held by a sub-organization, the Interfaith Institute of Divine Love (IIDL)Edit

South KoreaEdit

The MFI Delegation invited to the Interfaith & International Federation of World Peace (IIFWP) HQ in SeoulEdit



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