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Moldavian Battle Flag

Moldavian battle flag.jpg

Русский: Молдавский военный флаг
English: The flag was donate by the Stephen the Great of Moldavia to the Athos monastery.

The were two similar flags donated to the Athos. This flag with a beautiful brodery is considered a moldovian manisfest. In 1917 the frech army give the falg to the Romania. The flag is in the custody of Romanian Military Museum. In 1928 Veniamin Pocitan Ploesteanu testify about the other face of the flag with the Moldovian coat of arms at mount Athos, still no other images are found. There is a legend that say the flag was made by Elena Stehen daughter Historians still have arguments for considering this flag a military one or a churh flag. Near saint George head is written: Saint George from Capadocia. The icon of saint George is framed with the following inscription in slavonic with gold letters: "Hail, pacientfully and victory carrier, great saint George,who in needs or in oppression you are at once defender and hot helper, so to the grieved ones endless joy, receive from us this prayer of the humble God's slave, I Stefan Voivod, by the mercy of God, king of Moldavia, and keep them untouch this century and the next one, with the prayers of those who slave you, to give our prayers forever, AMIN! And was made in year 7008, the 43 of his rule."

the moldovian flag in an contemporary chronicle
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