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English: This page collects images from Category:Mountain puzzle. With additional hints for solving the puzzles.
Deutsch: Die Seite führt Bilder von Category:Mountain puzzle nochmals mit Zusatzinformationen an.


Commons:Mountain puzzleEdit

The following cases will be considered insufficient description:

  • the description does not state, what can be seen on the picture (e.g. only the location where the photo was taken)
  • the description is incompletely focused on one detail (just one centered peak, or: an alpine lake, but not valleys and mountains surrounding it, or: looking down on a city, but not given on which peak it was shot)
  • the description is too rough (a mountain range instead listing all the tops (from left to right))

We will do identification of (including categorization at Commons):

So see also:

Please do not add:

  • pictures showing only details, which will make it impossible to better describe it.
  • pictures missing other necessary or recommended entries like author, license.
  • pictures not having a description in your preferred language. If you cannot translate, somebody else will; if you can, just do it – or join your local mountain puzzle section
A rule of thumb

Anybody who knows the place and sees the picture should be able (with the help of a suitable map) to add information to the description. If this is not the case, don't add the picture here.

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