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Odonata of Kerala

The following is a list of the dragonflies and damselflies found in Kerala.
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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • OrdoOdonata Fabricius, 1793
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This is a gallery list of the dragonflies and damselflies found in Kerala.

Main category: Odonata of Kerala


Suborder: Anisoptera (Dragonflies)Edit

Family: Aeshnidae (Hawkers or Darners)Edit

Genus: AnaciaeschnaEdit

Species: Anaciaeschna donaldiEdit
Species: Anaciaeschna jaspideaEdit

Genus: AnaxEdit

Species: Anax ephippigerEdit
Species: Anax guttatusEdit
Species: Anax immaculifronsEdit
Species: Anax indicusEdit
Species: Anax parthenopeEdit

Genus: GynacanthaEdit

Species: Gynacantha bayaderaEdit
Species: Gynacantha dravidaEdit

Family: ChlorogomphidaeEdit

Genus: ChlorogomphusEdit

Species: Chlorogomphus campioniEdit
Species: Chlorogomphus xanthopteraEdit

Family: Corduliidae (Emeralds or Baskettails)Edit

Genus: HemicorduliaEdit

Species: Hemicordulia asiaticaEdit

Family: Gomphidae (Clubtails)Edit

Genus: AcrogomphusEdit

Species: Acrogomphus fraseriEdit

Genus: BurmagomphusEdit

Species: Burmagomphus laidlawiEdit
Species: Burmagomphus pyramidalisEdit

Genus: CyclogomphusEdit

Species: Cyclogomphus heterostylusEdit

Genus: DavidioidesEdit

Species: Davidioides martiniEdit

Genus: GomphidiaEdit

Species: Gomphidia kodaguensisEdit

Genus: HeliogomphusEdit

Species: Heliogomphus promelasEdit

Genus: IctinogomphusEdit

Species: Ictinogomphus rapaxEdit

Genus: MacrogomphusEdit

Species: Macrogomphus wynaadicusEdit

Genus: MegalogomphusEdit

Species: Megalogomphus hannyngtoniEdit
Species: Megalogomphus superbusEdit

Genus: MerogomphusEdit

Species: Merogomphus longistigmaEdit
Species: Merogomphus tamaracherriensisEdit

Genus: MicrogomphusEdit

Species: Microgomphus souteriEdit

Genus: OnychogomphusEdit

Species: Onychogomphus acinacesEdit
Species: Onychogomphus malabarensisEdit
Species: Onychogomphus nilgiriensisEdit
Species: Onychogomphus striatusEdit

Genus: ParagomphusEdit

Species: Paragomphus lineatusEdit

Family: Libellulidae (Skimmers)Edit

Genus: AcisomaEdit

Species: Acisoma panorpoidesEdit

Genus: AethriamantaEdit

Species: Aethriamanta brevipennisEdit

Genus: BrachydiplaxEdit

Species: Brachydiplax chalybeaEdit
Species: Brachydiplax sobrinaEdit

Genus: BrachythemisEdit

Species: Brachythemis contaminataEdit

Genus: BradinopygaEdit

Species: Bradinopyga geminataEdit

Genus: CratillaEdit

Species: Cratilla lineataEdit

Genus: CrocothemisEdit

Species: Crocothemis serviliaEdit

Genus: DiplacodesEdit

Species: Diplacodes lefebvriiEdit
Species: Diplacodes nebulosaEdit
Species: Diplacodes trivialisEdit

Genus: EpithemisEdit

Species: Epithemis mariaeEdit

Genus: HydrobasileusEdit

Species: Hydrobasileus croceusEdit

Genus: HylaeothemisEdit

Species: Hylaeothemis indicaEdit

Genus: IndothemisEdit

Species: Indothemis carnaticaEdit

Genus: LathrecistaEdit

Species: Lathrecista asiaticaEdit

Genus: LyriothemisEdit

Species: Lyriothemis acigastraEdit
Species: Lyriothemis tricolorEdit

Genus: MacrodiplaxEdit

Species: Macrodiplax coraEdit

Genus: NeurothemisEdit

Species: Neurothemis fulviaEdit
Species: Neurothemis intermediaEdit
Species: Neurothemis tulliaEdit

Genus: OnychothemisEdit

Species: Onychothemis testaceaEdit

Genus: OrthetrumEdit

Species: Orthetrum chrysisEdit
Species: Orthetrum glaucumEdit
Species: Orthetrum luzonicumEdit
Species: Orthetrum pruinosumEdit
Species: Orthetrum sabinaEdit
Species: Orthetrum taeniolatumEdit
Species: Orthetrum triangulareEdit

Genus: PalpopleuraEdit

Species: Palpopleura sexmaculataEdit

Genus: PantalaEdit

Species: Pantala flavescensEdit

Genus: PotamarchaEdit

Species: Potamarcha congenerEdit

Genus: RhodothemisEdit

Species: Rhodothemis rufaEdit

Genus: RhyothemisEdit

Species: Rhyothemis triangularisEdit
Species: Rhyothemis variegataEdit

Genus: SympetrumEdit

Species: Sympetrum fonscolombiiEdit

Genus: TetrathemisEdit

Species: Tetrathemis platypteraEdit

Genus: TholymisEdit

Species: Tholymis tillargaEdit

Genus: TrameaEdit

Species: Tramea basilarisEdit
Species: Tramea limbataEdit

Genus: TrithemisEdit

Species: Trithemis auroraEdit
Species: Trithemis festivaEdit
Species: Trithemis kirbyiEdit
Species: Trithemis pallidinervisEdit

Genus: UrothemisEdit

Species: Urothemis signataEdit

Genus: ZygonyxEdit

Species: Zygonyx irisEdit

Genus: ZyxommaEdit

Species: Zyxomma petiolatumEdit

Family: Macromiidae (Cruisers)Edit

Genus: EpophthalmiaEdit

Species: Epophthalmia frontalisEdit
Species: Epophthalmia vittataEdit

Genus: MacromiaEdit

Species: Macromia annaimallaiensisEdit
Species: Macromia bellicosaEdit
Species: Macromia cingulataEdit
Species: Macromia ellisoniEdit
Species: Macromia flavocolorataEdit
Species: Macromia idaEdit
Species: Macromia indicaEdit
Species: Macromia irataEdit

Family: SynthemistidaeEdit

Genus: IdionyxEdit

Species: Idionyx coronaEdit
Species: Idionyx galeataEdit
Species: Idionyx gomantakensisEdit
Species: Idionyx minimaEdit
Species: Idionyx rhinoceroidesEdit
Species: Idionyx saffronataEdit
Species: Idionyx travancorensisEdit

Genus: MacromidiaEdit

Species: Macromidia donaldiEdit

Suborder: Zygoptera (Damselflies)Edit

Family: Calopterygidae (Broad-winged damselflies)Edit

Genus: NeurobasisEdit

Species: Neurobasis chinensisEdit

Genus: VestalisEdit

Species: Vestalis apicalisEdit
Species: Vestalis gracilisEdit
Species: Vestalis submontanaEdit

Family: Chlorocyphidae (Stream Jewels)Edit

Genus: CalocyphaEdit

Species: Calocypha laidlawiEdit

Genus: HeliocyphaEdit

Species: Heliocypha bisignataEdit

Genus: LibellagoEdit

Species: Libellago indicaEdit

Family: Coenagrionidae (Narrow-winged damselflies)Edit

Genus: AciagrionEdit

Species: Aciagrion approximans krishnaEdit
Species: Aciagrion occidentaleEdit

Genus: AgriocnemisEdit

Species: Agriocnemis keralensisEdit
Species: Agriocnemis pierisEdit
Species: Agriocnemis pygmaeaEdit
Species: Agriocnemis splendidissimaEdit

Genus: AmphiallagmaEdit

Species: Amphiallagma parvumEdit

Genus: ArchibasisEdit

Species: Archibasis oscillansEdit

Genus: CeriagrionEdit

Species: Ceriagrion cerinorubellumEdit
Species: Ceriagrion chromothoraxEdit
Species: Ceriagrion coromandelianumEdit
Species: Ceriagrion olivaceumEdit
Species: Ceriagrion rubiaeEdit

Genus: IschnuraEdit

Species: Ischnura rubilioEdit
Species: Ischnura senegalensisEdit

Genus: MortonagrionEdit

Species: Mortonagrion varralliEdit

Genus: ParacercionEdit

Species: Paracercion calamorumEdit
Species: Paracercion malayanumEdit

Genus: PseudagrionEdit

Species: Pseudagrion australasiaeEdit
Species: Pseudagrion decorumEdit
Species: Pseudagrion indicumEdit
Species: Pseudagrion malabaricumEdit
Species: Pseudagrion microcephalumEdit
Species: Pseudagrion rubricepsEdit

Family: Euphaeidae (Gossamerwinged damselflies)Edit

Genus: DysphaeaEdit

Species: Dysphaea ethelaEdit

Genus: EuphaeaEdit

Species: Euphaea cardinalisEdit
Species: Euphaea disparEdit
Species: Euphaea fraseriEdit

Family : Lestidae (Spread-winged damselflies)Edit

Genus: IndolestesEdit

Species: Indolestes davenportiEdit

Genus: LestesEdit

Species: Lestes dorotheaEdit
Species: Lestes elatusEdit
Species: Lestes malabaricusEdit
Species: Lestes nodalisEdit
Species: Lestes patriciaEdit
Species: Lestes praemorsusEdit
Species: Lestes umbrinusEdit
Species: Lestes viridulusEdit

Genus: PlatylestesEdit

Species: Platylestes platystylusEdit

Family: Platycnemididae (White-legged damselflies)Edit

Genus: CaconeuraEdit

Species: Caconeura gomphoidesEdit
Species: Caconeura ramburiEdit
Species: Caconeura risiEdit

Genus: CoperaEdit

Species: Copera marginipesEdit
Species: Copera vittataEdit

Genus: DisparoneuraEdit

Species: Disparoneura apicalisEdit
Species: Disparoneura quadrimaculataEdit

Genus: ElattoneuraEdit

Species: Elattoneura souteriEdit
Species: Elattoneura tetricaEdit

Genus: EsmeEdit

Species: Esme cyaneovittataEdit
Species: Esme longistylaEdit
Species: Esme mudiensisEdit

Genus: MelanoneuraEdit

Species: Melanoneura bilineataEdit

Genus: OnychargiaEdit

Species: Onychargia atrocyanaEdit

Genus: PhylloneuraEdit

Species: Phylloneura westermanniEdit

Genus: ProdasineuraEdit

Species: Prodasineura verticalisEdit

Family: Platystictidae (Shadow damselflies)Edit

Genus: IndostictaEdit

Species: Indosticta deccanensisEdit

Genus: ProtostictaEdit

Species: Protosticta antelopoidesEdit
Species: Protosticta davenportiEdit
Species: Protosticta gravelyiEdit
Species: Protosticta hearseyiEdit
Species: Protosticta monticolaEdit
Species: Protosticta ponmudiensisEdit
Species: Protosticta sanguinostigmaEdit


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