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Panorama of Toronto in 1856

English: Armstrong, Beere and Hime was a photography firm in Toronto in the mid-19th century. The City of Toronto purchased a series of photographs from the firm in 1857 that the City included with its submission to the Colonial Office in London, U.K. in favour of Toronto's selection as the capital for the Province of Canada. A number of panorama shots were included among these photographs by Armstrong Beere and Himes, taken from the roof of the Rossin House Hotel (at King and York Streets), which together provide an almost 360 degree view of the City of Toronto as it existed in 1856. The photographs were taken from different positions on the rooftop, so they do not form a continuous panorama. However, the 13 images together provide a panoramic view from the top of the hotel in the mid-19th century.

The panoramic viewEdit

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