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Performance Memoirs

English: Simultaneously with the 35-hour marathon re-opening of the Seattle Art Museum (5-6 May 2007), performance artists Laura Curry, Lori Dillon, and Pamela Gregory (sorry, I don't know for sure which is which but if anyone can identify them individually that would be great. I think Laura Curry has the short dark hair, Lori Dillon has the long dark hair, and Pamela Gregory is in the purple wig) did a 35-hour performance of "living" in the window of a clothing store, The Finerie, half a block south across First Avenue. It was a variant on "Performance Memoirs", a piece Curry and Dillon have performed other times. Grease pencils allowed communication through the window, and the crowd got especially large at times when there was a wait to get into the museum. These pictures were all taken at night using available light. I've done my best to clean them up various ways (remapping colors, sharpening). Further improvements would be welcome.