Peter Nicolai Arbo

Norwegian painter
Peter Nicolai Arbo: Selvportrett, 1874.


Norsk (nynorsk)Edit

Peter Nicolai Arbo (18. juni 1831–14. oktober 1892) var ein norsk målar.


Peter Nicolai Arbo (June 18, 1831 – October 14, 1892) was a Norwegian painter, who specialized in painting historical motifs and images from Norse mythology.

His most famous paintings are Åsgårdsreien (1872) and Valkyrien (1865). He actually made two very similar valkyrie paintings. Åsgårdsreien was used as the cover artwork for the 1988 album Blood Fire Death by the Swedish black metal band Bathory.

Historisk-mytologiske og segn-litterære motivEdit


Illustrasjonar til Asbjørnsens Norske Folke og Huldre-EventyrEdit

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