common name for various plant species of the family Papaveraceae
English: Poppy is the English common name for various (more than 100) flowering plant species of different genera in the family Papaveraceae (or in the subfamily Papaveroideae). Similar common names exist in many languages (e.g. "Amapola" in Spanish, "Mohn" in German, etc.), but the ranges of affected species slightly differ from English "poppies". – If you don't know the exact species, please put images into Category:Unidentified Papaveraceae or subcategories.

Papaver species named poppy (examples)Edit

 See also: Papaver.

Eschscholzia species named poppy (examples)Edit

 See also: Eschscholzia.

Glaucium species named poppy (examples)Edit

 See also: Glaucium.

Meconopsis species named poppy (examples)Edit

 See also: Meconopsis.

Other genera/species named poppy (examples)Edit

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