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Cancellations or Postmarks stamped within the borders of the current Polish territory, before the creation of the Poland Republic in 1919.



Postmarks in Galicia KK province 1850-1918Edit

Chronological order

Empire of Austria Kreuzer issuesEdit

Cisleithania Kreuzer issues (1867-1899)Edit

Heller issuesEdit

Postmarks in Austrian Silesia province 1850-1918Edit

Only one district: Bielitz, now merged with the Galician town of Biala.

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Prussia provinces before 1918Edit

Sorted in chronological order

Postmarks of the Kingdom of Poland in the Russian Empire, 1860-1918Edit

The territory of the Kingdom of Poland, as Russian part, roughly corresponds to the Kalisz Region and the Lublin, Łódź, Masovia, Podlasia and Świętokrzyskie voivodeships of Poland.