Postmarks of Poland, 1850-1919

Cancellations or Postmarks stamped within the borders of the current Poland territory, before the creation of the Poland Republic in 1919. Cancellations should be clearly identifiable. Click on the stamp to open further links.


Postmarks in Galicia KK province 1850-1918Edit

Chronological order

Kreuzer issuesEdit

Heller issuesEdit

Postmarks in Austrian Silesia province 1850-1918Edit

Only one district: Bielitz, now merged with the Galician town of Biala.

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Prussia provinces before 1918Edit

Sorted in chronological order

Postmarks on the Kingdom of Poland issue 1860Edit

Postmarks on stamps of Russia 1863-1918Edit

Folded letter from Warsaw ca. 1866, stamps 1 and 3 kopeks issue 1865, 10 kopeks 1866
Express mail from Warsaw in 1877, stamp 8 kopeks issue 1875