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Deutsch: Rechen
English: Rake
The use of rakes is called raking.
English: There are different meanings of rake (Old English raca, from a root meaning "to scrape together," or "to heap up"). The commonly known "original rake" is the hay rake hand tool.


Agricultural/gardening toolsEdit

 See also: Category:Hand rakes.

Agricultural machinesEdit

 See also: Category:Hay rakes.
English: All these "mechanized rakes" are machines that are drawn by draft animals or tractors, and are used to collect hay in more or less linear piles (windrows). Imprecisely they are called hay rakes (generic term).

Water management devicesEdit

English: Different types of "rakes" are used in sewage treatment, at river weirs, etc. to collect floating refuse (e.g. wood, leaves, debris). – Help with proper English naming of these devices is welcome.

Brewing/distilling tools and devicesEdit

 See also: Category:Mash rakes.
English: Mash rakes are used in the mashing process of brewing and distilling (to mix the mash).